Berdine is a Dutch brand with a sustainable view on fashion. I believe in high quality, handmade products that have soul. To guarantee sustainability, I focus on a very powerful aspect: the design. That’s why the items have timeless, genderless and ageless design, which goes against the fast-fashion industry. Also, I will not offer multiple collections a year. Instead, I work with a few very strong items, that may be complemented with new ones over time. The production is limited, so the items will be available while supplies last.

Every item is designed with love for perfection.


Leather is one of the most sustainable materials a bag can be made of. Because, let's face it, it is made to last a lifetime. The buffalo nubuck leather I use is so durable, that your bag will probably outlive you - not kidding. And since this leather is so beautiful, all the bags are designed without lining. Why hide something so beautiful?


Wool felt is very special. It is soft, strong and durable at the same time. Because of its soft structure, it functions like cushioning. That's what makes this the perfect material for protective cases. So if you are clumsy like me, wool felt will be your best friend.

Custom Design

Looking for something extra personal? I also design custom bags. Contact me to find out the possibilities.