Welcome to BERDINE, where sustainability meets creativity. From my beginnings as a leather crafter, I - Berdine de Gier  - have transformed my minimalistic accessory brand into a brand of self-expression for your living space. I believe in high quality, handmade products that have soul, ensuring each piece is designed and hand crafted with love for perfection.

To guarantee sustainability, I focus on a very powerful aspect: the design. That’s why each item embodies a timeless, but characteristic design, going against the trends of the mass production industry. I’m also aiming to make every item recyclable, by making it out of one material, or making them possible to separate. Just as with my leather bags, I refuse to conform to the norm of multiple collections a year. Instead, I work with a curated selection of strong items, complemented with new designs over time. My production is limited, so each item is available while supplies last.


Aesthetics have always been a part of me. But the concept for this brand began to take shape when I was in fashion school. My doubts about fast-fashion, combined with my love for minimalism came together in my final assignment. When I graduated, I knew I had to follow my heart. So I did. I decided to create a small atelier at the attic, to sew my very first collection. Besides to my fulltime job, I dedicated every free minute of my time to building this brand. A few years later I am here, with an entire collection of timeless goods, hoping to change the way you view fashion.

Berdine de Gier was selected by Chantal Janzen en Claes Iversen as one of the five fashion &C Talents of 2020.