Sustainable bags by BERDINE


What makes BERDINE bags sustainable?

The BERDINE collection focuses on timeless design. Timeless design is the ultimate form of durability, because you won't get tired of your bag after a month or a year. The collection has been designed very carefully, by searching for the most basic shapes and combining them with full functionality. The collection is made of durable nubuck buffalo leather, which lasts a very long time. And because this leather will only get more beautiful over time, you will love it more and more. The collection is produced in a very limited edition, in collaboration with a small team. No mass production, no overproduction. All leather is dyed in a natural dyeing process. No chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 


What does minimalism mean to BERDINE?

We live in a throw-away society. We mass-produce stuff we don’t need, use it for a little while & get rid of it the minute it’s not in style anymore. This consumerism changes people into greedy people, always hungry for more. We can’t be satisfied. Consumerism also plays a huge role in climate change. Think about it.

BERDINE stands for minimalism, because 'more' isn't more. Less is more. So what does “less is more” actually mean? I know people say it a lot, but it really got me thinking. Having less stuff means less expenses. Less production, less pollution. Having less also means being more grateful for the things you own. Minimizing clutter and filtering the essentials. Carefully spending your money on good quality items. And when you find that quality item, you use it to the fullest. After a while it starts to show some signs of use. And after years of use it will show you it’s character. It becomes a part of you.



Custom bags made of waste leather


Are custom bags also sustainable?

Absolutely. Custom bags are made from waste leather. This leather was initially from large manufacturers, but they could no longer use these leftovers for their productions. This waste leather is then bought by me, after which I can make your unique custom bag.


Is waste leather beautiful?

Yes, waste leather is beautiful. Manufacturers often discard very beautiful leather, because they simply no longer needed it. Their production was already finished. That is why I can often buy beautiful hides of which I can make a minimalistic bag. But sometimes that's not what you're looking for. Sometimes it is nice to use a brand mark, an edge or a scar from the animal in my designs. This gives an authentic look.


I would love to have a custom bag made. How does that work?

If you are looking for something really personal, you can have a custom bag (or other item) made by me. Whether you have something specific in mind or not: I design something that fits your needs perfectly. After this design has been approved by you, I will get to work. The leather is purchased, the patterns are cut and I stitch your custom bag together. If you live close to Gouda, I will even bring it to you personally! To get an overview of the possibilities, you can view my portfolio on my Pinterest. You can always contact me to look at the possibilities.



Care instructions for leather bags


What is nubuck buffalo leather?

The leather bags from the collection are made of nubuck buffalo leather, which is a lot stronger and more durable than cow leather. Nubuck is slightly roughened on the surface, which gives it a very soft and velvet-like feel. Due to this rough surface, nubuck is a bit more sensitive to dirt, so it is recommended to treat it with a spray. Buffalo leather is super strong and stiff and will keep its shape very nicely, even after long use! This leather also becomes much more beautiful over time; each bag develops its own character because the very soft layer of the surface wears off. This looks amazing.


Do I have to treat my leather bag?

It is not necessarily necessary to treat a leather bag, because leather is a material that becomes more beautiful by using it. A leather bag can get dirty though. This can penetrate into the leather and cause stains that you do not want. The best thing to do is treat the leather with a moisture and dirt repellent spray. The Collonil Suede and Nubuck spray is perfect for nubuck leather bags, the Collonil Carbon Pro spray is perfect for leather bags with a coating.


How do I treat a nubuck leather bag?

If you choose to treat your leather bag, spray the bag regularly (once a month) with a moisture and dirt repellent nubuck spray. To allow this spray to penetrate deeply into the leather, you can rub in the spray gently with a nubuck block. You can also use a nubuck block in between sprays, to gently roughen the surface of your bag. This way you get the authentic velvet feel back.


How do I treat a leather bag with coating?

Leather with a coating is leather that is smooth to the touch. You can feel that the bag has an artificial protective layer. I sometimes use this leather for a custom bag. This leather is easy treat. A moisture and dirt repellent spray (like the Collonil Carbon Pro spray) is a very good option for spraying the bag monthly. If there is a stain on the bag, you can remove it with lukewarm water and a cloth. For more stubborn stains, you can use lukewarm soapy water to remove the stain.


How do I get an oil stain out of my nubuck leather bag?

The best way to get an oil stain out of leather is to cover the stain with baby powder immediately after soiling. Baby powder is so fine that moisture (and even oil) is absorbed by this fine structure. Let the bag rest for a day with the baby powder on it, then rub it off gently. Then rub the bag with a nubuck block, so that all baby powder is removed from the leather.



Treating wool felt protective cases


What is wool felt?

Wool felt is a textile made by felting loose woolen hairs. The wool is first wetted with hot water, after which the fibers are pressed together again and again. The process is very long, because the fibers are not easily mixed up.
Wool felt is 100% natural and it is sustainable. The fabric breathes well, is colourfast, does not burn, is sound-absorbing and insulates. Wool felt is even resistant to temperatures from -40°C to 110°C!


How do I clean wool felt?

Wool felt is a fairly low maintenance material. However, it is of course possible that the cover gets stained. In that case, you can carefully clean your wool felt. First make a solution of lukewarm water and wool detergent. If the stain is small, you can wet a cloth with the soapy water and then blot the stain out. With a larger stain, you can place the wool felt protective cover in the water as far as needed, and then gently dab/rub the stain out. Do not rub too hard! Do not wring out the protective cover, but let it air dry gently.


How do I remove pills from wool felt?

Because wool felt is made of loose fibers, some loose hairs or pills may form on the surface of the wool felt. You can easily "pick" these off with your fingers. You can also "shave" the surface with a razor or you can trim it with scissors.